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We're a team of family butchers that provide dedicated personal services, to a range of local customers, including both private and commercial clients.


From fresh meats to cooked hams, sausages and more, we are experienced in preparing a variety for our customers. We take pride in our own sausage recipes and selection of delicatessen products, that can add delicious flavour to your meals.

We help you to prepare healthy, hearty meals

Shoebridge Butchers, a reliable commercial butchering service

If you are looking for a reliable and professional commercial butchering service in Brighton, then we are a name that you can trust.


We have experience in supplying fresh meat cuts in large quantity to a number of commercial establishments on regular basis.

We have a range of delicatessen and fresh meat cuts to offer you. Contact us immediately in Brighton on:

We supply meats to a number of businesses, like:

•  Pubs

•  Restaurants

•  Hotels

•  Rest homes

We supply to:

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